Have questions? Read on for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What is the delivery time of the love dolls?

Delivery times – For full size sex/love dolls only:

We provide Shipping WordWide for full size sex/love dolls via DHL or another approved carrier.

As the dolls require special attention and care in the assembly process and there maybe customised features,
please allow 1.5-2 weeks to account for manufacture and delivery time. If you are paying via bank to bank wire transfer, please allow
up to additional 7 days for the funds to reach us.

We ship internationally via DHL or another approved provider. Our full size and mini sex/love dolls over 3ft’3/100cm will come from our USA warehouse if stock is available. If stock is not available, alternatively, we will ship the doll directly from our international warehouse (outside of hte USA) to the customer.
Please allow for customs approval time.

Why Our Dolls are Different

While we do offer a small selection of traditional, bachelor-party blow up dolls for budget fun, the vast majority of our selection is crafted of high grade materials and using the latest technology for a truly realistic experience. Even our compact masturbators and half-body dolls feature these materials, ensuring that no matter how big or small your budget, you’ll enjoy night after night of intense pleasure.

What About Our Materials?

Within our selection you’ll find the quailty grade silicone or TPR (thermo-plastic rubber). TPR is a specialized polymer blend which retains heat, looks and feels like real human skin. TPR is so realistic, you’ll get lost in the fantasy and believe you’re with a real person!

Our silicone is also of high quality and offers the same lifelike qualities of TPR. Silicone can be stretched and bent for extremely lifelike poses, offering you a world of variety in one of our solid silicone dolls. Our quality dolls also feature metal skeletons for added variety and movement. You can pose our dolls in any position you enjoy and switch positions as quickly as you would with a real partner. A metal skeleton also offers added weight and resistance, adding even more lifelike appeal.

Do note, the standard love doll can be adjusted into different positions but the love doll is not designed for standing. We do offer a new design which provides you an option for standing but please contact us to enquire about this. We do still suggest with the new design to limit the time you put the doll in standing position.

Are the Faces Lifelike?

We offer lifelike faces on our solid silicone and TPR dolls. As you browse our selection, you’ll find a variety of eye and hair color combinations. In addition, you may also purchase wigs for your doll to change things up! Facial features are soft, gorgeous and extremely lifelike, heightening your realistic experience even further.

Are Dolls Customizable?

We offer a wide selection of sizes, shapes and eye colors for you to choose from. Currently we don’t offer full customization, but you can customize your doll in a variety of ways once you get her home.

How Are Dolls Shipped?

For safety and convenience, your doll’s head will be shipped off the body, wrapped carefully and padded to ensure safe delivery. You will receive one wig and one random set of lingerie.

Are Our Dolls Waterproof?

Both TPR and silicone are naturally waterproof, allowing you to take your new companion with you on any wet and wild adventure! These materials should not be taken into chlorinated water, however, such as a swimming pool or public hot tub, or exposed to hot tub temperatures. These chemicals and high temperatures can damage both TPR and silicone.

Is Shipping Discreet?

You’ll never have to worry about your neighbors knowing you’ve ordered a companion. We use plain packaging to keep what’s inside a secret between you and your new friend.

Do We Take Returns?

Due to the personal nature of love dolls, we can’t offer refunds, exchanges or returns. This policy is for the health and safety of our customers and employees. We will, however, work with you during the ordering process to ensure that you’re absolutely thrilled with what you get!

How to Care For & Wash Love Dolls

Love dolls crafted from TPR or silicone should be stored in the open air. A closet or other out-of-the-way place is fine, as long as air can circulate around the material.

After each use, washing in a very mild, antibacterial soap is recommended for personal safety. Hand soap is ideal for this – dish soap is too harsh. Never share dolls or other sex toys. After washing, let your doll air-dry thoroughly before storage. These care tips apply to masturbators and removable silicone or TPR parts as well as dolls.

After repeated uses and washings, you may notice that your love doll’s skin acquires a slightly sticky texture. This is completely normal and can be remedied by using a proprietary powder blend. In a pinch, you can try scent-free cornstarch. Never use talcum powder or any perfumed powder on your doll or toy. This will restore the lifelike, velvety texture of your doll’s skin.