Learn How To Use A Dildos!
How many variations of a penis can possibly exist? Typically not a question in anyone’s mind, until they start shopping for dildos online! We have listed the pertinent dildo information a beginner needs to know before finalizing the purchase today. Who knew an artificial male appendage could be so hard to get? (No pun intended).

Types Of Dildos


Adults recognize the dildo as the quintessential sex toy, those not-in-the-know assume they are all the same, but that is far from the truth. Women who have never used a dildo may be surprised at a few differences and how they impact her pleasure. The main way to distinguish dildos is to classify those with testicles and those without testicles.

1. Dildos with testicles
Not just a pretty appendage to make it look realistic, there is a purpose to this form of sex toy styling. When inserted all the way, the balls will contact the thighs with similar slapping motion when fully engaged in hot passionate love with a man. If this sensation piques your interest, we suggest shopping for a shorter dildo to ensure it can insert it all the way – remember the vagina is only so deep! A 6 inch dildo is the best length to take advantage of this feature.

2. Dildos without testicles
Fans of this style will confess it is easier to maneuver than a bulky penis with balls. Furthermore, a lady can tilt the end upwards slightly during self pleasure, which allows more comfort of the hands and arms while thrusting. Takes up much less space, easy to wrap in a towel for discreet storage and less material means a cheaper price for the customer in the end.

Glass Dildos

A recent flourishing female sex toy trend. Women prefer glass dildos for their hypo allergenic non-porous qualities. It is the safest sex toy to use, and the easiest to clean. Solid and heavy made with shatter-proof glass comparable to Pyrex. Dropping on a tile floor may cause a crack; otherwise it is practically indestructible and ready to last a lifetime. The initial investment may seem high, but it will never decay, melt or dry out. Consider glass dildos like a one-time purchase. The slickness of glass gliding is beyond words, a highly classy feel that virtually every woman on this planet will love. This experience is tough to describe in words, it is simply one of those things a lady simply must try.

Double Dildos

Double dildos are an extra long penis with matching heads on each end. Mostly used for fetish purposes, a popular sex toy for couples to enjoy together. To give your man a double dildo to use on you will be one of the greatest experience in his life! A taboo toy that says a naughty streak exists within your personality. Very floppy and soft, a premier choice for thrusting comfort.

Additionally, the extra length is ideal for solo use. It is easy to grab the exposed end with your hands and let the device naturally bend. It reduces the need to bend the upper body in order to reach the vagina. Double dildos are a better ergonomic design for solo thrusting than shorter sex toys. The double dildo is somewhat of an elaboration upon the aforementioned “dildo without balls” category.

Suction Cup Dildos

A feature so popular that at almost every single new release has one. Always remains out of the way on the bottom – not required to be used, but if the mood changes and you decide to give it a try – it is nice to know the option is there when you need it. Most suction cup dildos are extremely powerful, sticking sturdily to any flat surface. Suction cups are a favorite naughty appendage (besides the dick, of course!). When no one’s home women everywhere secretly prop the suction cup dildo to the edge of a bathtub or a chair and enjoy squatting sex. Imagine the hottest guy in the world is sitting there letting you bounce to elation… Okay, so that is a wild fantasy, but is what this style of dildo should inspire!

Squirting Dildos

A unique sex toy featuring reservoir or bulb at the base with tubing that runs through the shaft and opens at the top. The rush of water inside from a squirting dildo is an honest turn-on for many women. Formulas and recipes to make your own cum for ejaculating dildos abound throughout the internet, but since the interior can be hard to clean, we recommend using only water. Furthermore, the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina can easily be disrupted by introducing common kitchen ingredients resulting in a yeast infection.